Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cell Phone Poll

Got a call today from a nice lady about a poll from these guys: – on my cell phone. Maybe Verizon sold my number? Anyway - Mostly questions about the Presidential Candidates. Learned more about McCain in the process. He’s pro-Life?? Really? Never would have guessed it.

Favorite questions:

Is McCain too old? He’s 71. Reagan was 70.

Will you consider race when you vote? Not at all.

Do you think Blacks and Whites should be allowed to live together? YES! They already do. Duh!

If you could vote AGAINST a candidate, would you? In other words, I could check “NO” for both!

Many Americans believe it is time for a Three-Party system of government. Do you agree? Well this is silly. There are as many parties as anyone could come up with. They just aren’t as popular. I’d form the AMERICAN BEER DRINKER’S PARTY, but that one’s taken. Whoa! Seems that The Whig Party is still in operation! Against tax, pro-Tariff. Want to base the value of the American dollar on wampum or something. Very confusing. Seems that there is no Ronald Reagan Party yet. That must change. I’ll get to work on that soon.

Disclaimer: McCain’s statements as of late about drilling for oil on our own shores has me re-considering my opinion of the guy. Oh, and sorry – I’m not really forming the Ronald Reagan Party. Too much to live up to.