Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stand by for an important announcement!

Yep. I be melodramatic and stuff.

jck and I have been talking about trying to get some traffic here. Mass email with invitation to be sent next week.


Brigid said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Chase said...

Great! You vacuum, I'll dust. And maybe we should pick up one of those wide-screen TV's.

Dougman said...

I'll be outside in a statue of liberty costume.

Still no internet at home :(
I can check in every once in awhile.

Unquiet said...

I saw the email about D4 - very much after it was sent. I noticed the parachat Lounge room has expired. If I remember correctly D4 was the one paying the rent. It has been awhile since I dropped in - last time I was there when it was occupied was a season or two of American Idol or two ago.

daddyquatro said...

Next season of AI starts January 18th. Sorry I couldn't keep up with payments on the place.